5 de los mejores consejos de Marketing Local

Para ayudarle a maximizar tu visibilidad local, revisaremos los 5 mejores consejos de Marketing Local. Algunos son muy específicos, mientras que otros sirven como más de una guía generalizada, pero si estás tratando de llegar a nuevos clientes en tu área, tomar un café y sigue leyendo. 1. Crear páginas de destino personalizadas para cada [...]

Leveraging the Seven Channels of Real-Time Personalization

Source: Leveraging the Seven Channels of Real-Time Personalization Personalization is a highly effective strategy to engage, acquire and retain customers and prospects with whom you engage. Marketers utilize behavioral data to tailor offers and content to visitors relevant to their known interests and browsing history. Examples of effective vehicles for personalization are personalized emails and [...]

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Chrome Browser

I am currently exploring for ways to integrate speech recognition to Gmail on my computer. This is a great tool from Google that does do speech recognition with in the browser. It even gives you a send as email. But it does not work IN the application... so I will continue to look. https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/demos/speech.html  

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