Case Study: How to Use Social Assist to add leads 2017-06-22T12:44:20+00:00
How I use Social Assist To Add Leads Quickly

It is amazing how powerful it is to have your Marketing Automation system and CRM right where you need it most, your browser and email!

I can not tell you how much time this has saved me, and the positive impact it has had on my client’s sales process. Check the video out, you will be impressed!

We look forward to meeting this coming Wed. at 1pm.

Meet Rafael, (IM) Director of Search & Strategy

For the last 15 years, Rafael has made it his focus to help companies drive more business through the latest in online marketing strategies. Today he manages 1000’s of page 1 rankings, and is developing new strategies every day. If you would like results like these, I would love to have a conversation about how we can get it done for you!