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con·ver·sion (kənˈvərZHən/):
When an online visitor actively becomes a lead.

Conversions are the lifeblood of your business and sales process. It is how you make money online. Improving your conversion rate is the #1 way to maximize your site’s effectiveness and ROI. This is why we measure the conversion rates of everything we do. You must ask yourself, are you? Do you know your marketing effort conversion rates? The path to success starts by knowing where you stand.

CONVERSION RATE = number of leads ÷ number of web visits

What is a good conversion rate? THE LEGEND OF THE UNICORN

A conversion is the beginning of a conversation… by contacting us, they have begun the journey of becoming a new client. Depending on your business, a conversion may be achieved through a phone call, form, or transaction on your website.

Industry watch dog wrote in their top ranked article…

“We recently analyzed thousands of AdWords accounts with a combined $3 billion in annual spend and discovered the following numbers…”

As you can see, top 25% of marketers reached a 5% conversion rate.
This is 2x national average and AWESOME.
The top 10% of marketers reached conversion rates of 11.45% and above.
This is 5x national average!  They went on to call these marketers UNICORNS.

(IM) a Super Unicorn?  Where do they come from?  And how do I get one?

Are there such creatures as marketing super unicorns?
 Is it possible to out perform the top 10% and have campaigns convert even higher than 5x national averages?
If you asked me 3 years ago, I would say only in very rare cases. But about a year and a half ago that changed.
Thanks to advances in technology on both the analytics front and web management front, we tripped on to a shift in our marketing that took our campaigns from AWESOME to (dare we say)…. SUPER UNICORN.

SAMPLE 1: B2B Campaign
15.6% conversion rate
7x national average

Below you can see one of our B2B technology client’s campaign.
This data is over an 8 month time period and $52k
You can see the results on this campaign were 15.6% conversion rate, 7x above national average.

SAMPLE 2: Local B2C Home Services Campaign
50.6% conversion rate
25x national average

Here is an example of the traffic and growth in conversion rate over a year with one of our clients.
Below you can see how over the year of 2015 we continued to increase the conversion rate, month over month.
We had been working on this site for about a year and achieved a 9.9% conversion rate (4x national average).
Through constant nurturing and work, you can see that we reached a 50.6% conversion rate (25x national average).

This is the screen shot of the traffic for a local services company, that has been a client of ours for over two years.
We had reached a 9.9% conversion rate the year prior, after a lot of hard work.
We were proud of it!
Then we increased that x5.
The results went from UNICORN to something else completely!

SAMPLE 3: Local B2C Home Services Campaign
18.69% conversion rate
7x national average

This is an example of a brand new campaign in a VERY competitive home services market in the Atlanta area.
We are in the first month of the campaign and we already tripled the site’s effectiveness and are performing 7x above industry average.

SAMPLE 4: B2B Services Campaign
20.74% conversion rate
8x national average

This is a screenshot of one of OUR OWN campaign… As you can imagine SEO is an incredibly competitive industry… Think about how many emails you have received for someone trying to sell you search marketing services. In theory I am competing with the best of the best.
We are very proud to say that we practice what we preach… the results are 20% conversion rate, a full 8x above industry average!

“I would love the opportunity to schedule a call with you
and help you perform at least 3x to 5x better than your competition.”

Meet Rafael, (IM) Director of Search & Strategy

For the last 15 years, I have made it my focus to help companies drive more business through the latest in online marketing strategies. Today I manage 1000’s of page 1 rankings, and am developing new strategies every day. If you would like results like these, I would love to have a conversation about how we can get it done for you!